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05:11 AM

Sat, Jun 22, 2002_18

World News
• Trump says for first time he'll leave office if Electoral College votes for Biden
• SCOTUS Decision Blocking NY Governor's Limits on Religious Gatherings Praised by Faith Leaders, Conservatives
• President-elect Joe Biden calls nurses at Mercy Health
• Military’s Role in Vaccine to Be Strictly Behind the Scenes
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With war lurking in the shadows... Columbia Shuttle 
Posted by: dollareyez
Our World
As I sit every night watching the news, yesterdays report can hardly be described as "common" journalistic information. War has dominated the television sets as troops are called up everyday for deployment to the Middle East. For months, the possibility of us going to war has been instilled into our minds. We hear of other countries in conflicts while their militants are fighting to keep their beliefs solid and intact. But it seems that we have become numb to the talks of war.

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Family Watch for your birthday or anniversary! 
Posted by: Jeanne
I have added all the dates I can find. Please check the calendar and see if I have inadvertently left out anyone's important dates. If so, please enter them. This is one thing that can help us remember our family members on their "special" days.

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Test Photos 
Posted by: Todd
We have added new photo's of the family and children of Christmas 2002. Please enjoy.

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Events Happy belated birthdays and anniversary 
Posted by: Richard
January birthdays for the Mckenzie/Kann family are Erin who was 21 on the 12th, Jennifer Briggs who was ?? on the 16th and Chuck Turrell who was ?? on the 6th. Also Jill and Chuck Turrell had an anniversary on the 12th.

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It's been a long time... 
Posted by: dollareyez
Well.... I have to say that I thought I could remember taking care of small children. I have not had a baby in the house for 14 years. (excluding Gary).

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